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Week 10 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – Over rated, over shmated. These guys keep on winning every week no matter who they play. They cover again. 38-17 Ohio State… nailed it!
2- Florida State at (8) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -Alright. Screw the Eagles. Two weeks in a row they screwed me. Should have lost to VaTech and they squeak it out at the end. Should have blown out the Seminoles and they lose. 27-17 Florida State… got it wrong.
3- (2) LSU at (21) Alabama – Saban almost pulled it out, but it was another come from behind victory for the Tigers. Les Miles and company barely win, but I was right in Alabama keeping it close. 41-34 LSU… nailed it!
4- (9) Arizona State at (3) Oregon – Let there be no doubt, Oregon is the better team. I said they would beat State with ease and that’s exactly what they did. 35-23 Oregon… nailed it!
5- Texas A & M at (4) Oklahoma – Aggies were no match for the Sooners. A blowout victory for Stoops and the gang, but will anyone ahead of them in the rankings lose a game the rest of the way? 42-14 Oklahoma… nailed it!
6- Vanderbilt at (17) Florida – They had to impress and that’s exactly what they did. Solid performance against a not so solid team. Gators take care of business. 49-22 Florida… nailed it!
7- Oregon State at (12) USC – SC’s defense manhandles the Beavers! Completely shutting them down, SC didn’t even have to score in the second half. State looked worse than I thought they would. 24-3 USC… got it wrong.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – A good old fashion ass whoopin’ by Boise State. Take care of business at home winning big. 42-7 Boise State… nailed it!
9- (13) Michigan at Michigan State -Good news and bad news for Michigan fans. Wolverines keep on winning-good news. Lloyd Carr keeps on winning-bad news. Funny how we don’t see ‘fire Carr’ signs anymore. 28-24 Michigan… nailed it!
10-Troy State at (10) Georgia -Good performance but not good enough. Should have pounded a weak Troy State team. They won but didn’t cover. 44-34 Georgia… got it wrong.

Recap: I’m back baby! I am the Ohio State of picking games. Everyone says that I haven’t done anything impressive, but how’s 7-3 sound baby! Jump on this wagon! There’s plenty of room…

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Game Of Sha-roids…

steroids.jpgMark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, co-writers of the now infamous Game of Shadows, say that current player Jose Guillen, as well as former players Matt Williams and Ismael Valdez, all bought performance enhancing drugs during their Major League Baseball careers. Fainaru-Wada and Williams base their report on business records they have access to from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. What a surprise! More major league players slowly getting their hands caught in the cookie jar for using performance enhancing drugs. You know what I say? I say we just shut down the MLB and bring up everyone from the minors. That’s right! Screw everyone! Test every single one of them and if they refuse, they don’t play. How used and abused can one feel as a fan? This is embarrassing for not only our sport, but for our country. As a fan of the game, it sickens me to think everyday, someone else’s name is going to pop up in the media for buying steroids/hgh. Sorry guys, but I quit! I say, guilty until proven innocent. I am done with MLB until they do mandatory drug tests on every single one of these meat heads! Long live the NHL!!!

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“PEJA”: Best Compliment I Ever Received

onthebuzzer.com peja stojakovicA few years back, I was playing basketball over on the Westside with my friend Tre, flossin’ what was on the time my sick Sacramento Kings shorts (replica of course). It was one of those game when everything seemed to go my way. I started taking fools inside, posting them up and then finishing them off with a couple of turn around fadeaways. The story gets better, as I decided to hurt ’em from long range, swooosh, swooosh, swooosh was the sound as the threes were flowing. If it was a video game, I’d be glowing. And then it came, the compliment of all compliments from the opposing team, “Peja!” “Peja!” Me? I asked myself. Look, maybe the slick hairdo and the Sac shorts had a lot to do with it, but the inside-outside game didn’t hurt. Peja Stojakovic has had his injury problems over the last 3 years, playing in a total of 84. But after a rigorous off season of intense training, and “healing” from his wife Aleka Kamila, Peja Stokovic has returned in a big way, draining 10 three pointers on Tuesday night in a win against the Los Angeles Lakers, at Staples. Welcome back old friend, the sweetest shot in the NBA wants his owner back (no offense Michael Redd).

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Chicago Bulls: The Skiles is Falling

onthebuzzer.com los angeles clippersMy continuous rip on the Chicago Bulls seems to be more and more justified as the days pass by.  On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Clippers traveled to Chi-town and took it to the Bulls, 97-91.  Anytime you let Cuttino Mobley score 33 points, you definitely have problems.  I bet you Kobe could have contained him.  Now the Bulls are 0-4, and oh yeah, Pistons up next. Can someone say 0-5.  This team needs a shakeup in a bad way.  The best player in the league is available, all they have to do is give up Luol Deng.  Chicago fans, I know you’ve missed his “airness” and have been looking for the heir. Well guess what, he’s here in LA, unhappy, and looking for love somewhere else.  What a shame it would be if the Lakers management and Kobe kissed and made up.  Yeah, yeah, what a shame…

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Yao Ming Has Arrived

Just in case you were wondering, he’s back, with a vengeance. Yao Mutha Truckin Ming. All we need now for him is a onthebuzzer.com yao mingnickname, I think someone has thrown out Dynasty, as in Yao Ming Dynasty. I’m down with that, as one can conclude that he is here to dominate and control your lives. On Tuesday night, Yao Ming led his Houston Rockets over the reigning NBA Champ San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan. At 28 points and 13 rebounds, Ming has established himself as the best center in the league. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the 6 assists and 3 blocks. I’m hoping this guy stay healthy. Even with T-Mac struggling, going 4-14, Ming was able to take control and get the W. For all those peepes that think I’m a Rockets hater, you couldn’t be further from it. Sure I was anti-Ming when he first came into the league and challenged Shaq as the top center in the league. But then Shaq sold out L.A.,and left a huge void in my heart. Maybe, just maybe, Ming can fill it. I know, if he leads my fantasy team to the $$$, then its all good.

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