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Week 10 College Picks

top25.jpg1- Wisconsin at (1) Ohio State – You guys call them overrated, I’ll call them the number one team in the nation. The Buckeyes keep on rollin’. Take Ohio State -16.
2- Florida State at (2) Boston Collegepadlock3.jpg -After a sub par performance last week, look for Matt Ryan and the crew to impress this week. My lock of the week! Take the Eagles -7.
3- (3) LSU at (17) Alabama – Can’t wait for this game. The Tigers are going to have their hands full. You know Saban isn’t going to hold anything back. He’ll pull all the stops in this one. I like Alabama +7.
4- (4) Arizona State at (5) Oregon – Oregon’s defense was held down a little last week by USC. Not this week! State’s got their hands full. Oregon wins and wins hands down. Take Oregon -8.5. 
5- Texas A & M at (6) Oklahoma – Another easy game for the Sooners. They win but by how much? I like Oklahoma -21.
6- Vanderbilt at (20) Florida – No doubt who wins this one. The Gators must impress this week and win big. They rout this week. I like Florida -14.5.
7- Oregon State at (19) USC – An up and down season continues for SC. What will happen this week? SC favored big, but not sure why? Booty playing for the first time in a month. Look for some rust. Take Oregon State +15.5.
8- San Jose State at (22) Boise State – You know how I feel about spreads like this. Too much, but at home for Boise State. They need to impress this week. I like Boise State -25.5.
9- (12) Michigan at Michigan State -They haven’t failed me for a while. Rivalry games are always close, but these are two teams going in different directions. Wolverines continue their win streak. Take Michigan -3.
 10-Troy State at (10) Georgia – Solid performance last week, the Bulldogs continue to roll. Close early, but Troy State has no chance in this win. I like Georgia -14.

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Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

onthebuzzer.com t-maconthebuzzer.com kg cryingIn the day of the modern day athlete, we kinda lose touch with those that play for the love of the game. They seem to be lost in the mix, outnumbered by so many athletes that are in it for the CASH, and not for the TEAM. There’s no I in team, remember. So I decided to look into it, which athletes are legit, play for the love, for the name on the front of the jerseys and not in the back. Ironically enough, the ones that popped up are the greats in the NBA, some of my favorites, so here are a couple, watch the interviews, I guarantee you’ll have more respect for these guys:

Kevin Garnett: in an interview with John Thompson, Garnett broke down when he admitted that the thing bothering him the most is that he’s losing games. “It ain’t about me, it’s about us…I’m just one of the pieces.”

Tracy McGrady: in an post game interview after the Rockets were outted in game 7 of the 2007 NBA playoffs, T-Mac blames himself for the loss.

Sadly enough, the list of players is short, including the likes of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash after certain playoffonthebuzzer.com steve nash onthebuzzer.com kobe bryant cryingeliminations. Most fans see these as signs of weakness, opportunities to torment these players for the remainder of their careers. But what everyone fails to see is their heart. The only thing these guys want is to win. With all the drama surrounding Kobe Bryant lately, NBA fans everywhere are forgetting that this guys just wants to win. He’s sick of losing and he needs help. That’s it. KG got it with the Celtics. Sure he went about it in a more political way, but at the end of the day, these guys have all realized that they have $$$, are headed to the hall of fame, but they just want the rings, that’s it.

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Sit Down D’Antoni

onthebuzzer.com phil jacksonThe Los Angeles Lakers waxed the Suns on Friday night in Phoenix, 119-98.  The Suns’ home opener didn’t go as planned.  It was so bad that even head coach Mike D’Antoni got all pissy when Phil Jackson called a timeout with under 5 minutes left to play in the game.  D’Antoni was visibly irate and was seen mouthing “we still have 3 more games against you” and “wait until playoff.”  Phil’s response, come from years of Zen and Buddhism, “Sit down!” If D’Antoni was a little familiar with the NBA rules, he would have known that a mandatory timeout was coming up anyway and Phil wasn’t trying to show up anyone.  Then again, if he was, maybe this is just what both Suns and Lakers need. A sense of arrogance and confidence is exactly what the Lakers need after a drama filled offseason. As for the prissy Phoenix Suns, maybe this will show them how to man up, toughen up a little.  Or maybe this was just a misunderstanding and these guys will just kiss and make up. It’s only the 2nd game of the season, a little drama never hurt anyone.

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Big 3 in Boston; “NOT ME, WE.”

onthebuzzer.com paul pierce and kevin garnettKG, Ray Ray, and the truth debuted in Boston on Friday night, and hello!!! The Celtics handed the Wizards a 103-83 loss. Led by KG’s 22 points, 20 boards, 5 assists and 3 steals and 3 blocks AND…that’s it, isn’t that enough.  Ray Allen and Paul Pierce chimed in with a combined 45 and well, there you have it folks, the Eastern Conference Champions.   I couldn’t be happier for these guys (I guess if would be a wee bit happier if they were in LA).  But oh well.  Get ready for a series of whoopins… These guys might be better together than everyone thought they would.  Said KG after the game, “Not me, we.” Spoken like a true champ.

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Vancouver Super Blazers-Catchy, huh?

onthebuzzer.com paul allenonthebuzzer.com starbucksSo I hear the Sonics are pretty much done in Seattle? I’m not a big fan of the Sonics but without Seattle having an NBA team anymore, that is just WEIRD. Being a big NBA fan, when I think of Seattle I think of Starbucks, Sonics, and Ichiro (in no particular order). So what the heck are they going to be? The Oklahoma Super Sonics? That sounds disgusting.  The closest NBA team to Seattle will be the Trail Blazers, a 3 hour drive away.  Will Sonic fans continue to  root for the Sonics representing a new city? Or will they adapt and root for the Blazers, a northwest team? I would HATE to see Paul Allen, a Seattle native) move my Blazers up to Seattle.  The Seattle Trail Blazers…sounds just as ridiculous.  Of course I am open to a compromise.. move the Blazers to Vancouver which is pretty much the boder for Oregon and Washington and name them the Vancouver Super Blazers…people might laugh at the name but everyone and their moms would buy that bad ass jersey.

This artice contributed by James.

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