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Week 9 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- (6) West Virginia at (25) Rutgers – Obvious Rutgers is not as good as last year. This week’s performance by Rutgers makes South Florida look even worse. 31-3 W. Virginia… got it wrong.
2- (9) USC at (5) Oregon – As good as advertised, both teams played well, but USC was out coached. Worse coaching job ever during the Pete Carrol era. Assistants should be ashamed on the way they coached this game. 24-17 Oregon… got it wrong.
3- (9) Florida vs (20) Georgiapadlock3.jpg – Georgia’s offense was unstoppable. They exposed Florida’s defense and scored at will. Solid performance by the Bulldogs. 42-30 Georgia… got it wrong.
4- Minnesota at (19) Michigan – Just barely covering the spread, Michigan again wins at home. Gophers were no match for the Maze and Blue. 34-10 Michigan… got it wrong.
5- Mississippi at (23) Auburn – I guess it’s true when they say you play up to the level of your opponents. Auburn not very impressive, but did enough to win. 17-3 Auburn… got it wrong.
6- (18) Cal at (7) Arizona State – Cal was looking good early until Longshore decided to throw the ball to the other team. It helps when Arizona State has two quarterbacks throwing to them. 31-20 ASU… got it wrong.
7- (1) Ohio State at (24) Penn State – Easy one to call. Penn State not that good. Buckeyes not getting enough credit. I said it would be easy and it was. 37-17 Ohio State… nailed it!
8- (15) South Carolina at Tennessee – Looks like the Cocks were just a tease! Losing for the second week in a row, they should have beat a Tennessee team that’s not that good. 27-24 Tennessee… nailed it!
9- New Mexico State at (16) Hawaii – Hawaii looking good at home. They beat down a New Mexico State team that, well lets face it, couldn’t beat too many high school teams. 50-13 Hawaii… nailed it!
at (17) Texas -Can’t believe Texas actually ended up winning this game. Looked extremely ugly for a while, but I knew Nebraska was due for a solid game. Almost pulled it off. 28-25 Texas… nailed it!

Recap: Got off to a slow start but made up for it at the end. Just barely missed a couple of games. I should have been above .500! 4-6.

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Red Sox Enjoying the Holliday

onthebuzzer.com big papi david ortizDid someone forget to tell the “red hot” Colorado Rockies that the World Series has started.  Looks like the Rockies have already begun planning their offseason.  With another loss on Saturday to the Boston Red Sox, a.k.a. the new Yankees, the Rockies are on the verge of being swept in the World Series.  I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like the Rockies are just happy to be here.  No one outside of Denver expected them to make the playoffs. And the way they’re playing right now, I’m not sure if they expected to be here. Nevertheless, again props to the Red Sox for cruising through the playoffs in what I consider the EASIEST road to the playoff; the hapless Angels, gutless Indians, and the spineless Rockies. I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate mail but let’s call a spade a spade.  The Red Sox are the best team in the playoffs, and the teams they faced throughout simply bent over for them.  Let me be the first to congratulate the 2007 MLB World Series Champs, the Boston Red Sox. And I never want to hear anyone say that the NL is as good as the AL. Talk about a lopsided win. Go ahead, talk about it…

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Buckeyes in a “Happy” Place

onthebuzzer.com ohio state buckeyesAnd now they’re legit, or are they? The Ohio State Buckeyes went into Happy Valley and took what’s rightfully theirs, the game.  With a 37-17 victory over the Penn. State Nittany Lions, the Buckeyes are hoping that this win silences the critics. Unfortunately, Penn. St. has been one of the most overrated programs in the country.  They’ve been living off their legacy for the whole season, and with this loss, they should drop out of the top 25. With only 3 games left (next 2 at home), Ohio St. only has to worry about Michigan in the season finale.  Then it’s HELLO NATIONAL TITLE.  As for Penn. St., dare I say it’s time for Joe Pa to step aside?  Before you guys send the mob after me, let’s admit that everyone has thought about it, but no one has the cajones to say it. But I guess we can round table this topic in the offseason.  Right now, the Lions need to wonder how they’re 6th in the Big Ten and what it’s going to take to get back to the top. FIRE JOE P…I mean…umm…How about those Buckeyes?

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Ducks Rip Trojans

onthebuzzer.com pete carrollSeason over, thanks for coming… The Oregon Ducks handed the USC Trojans their 2nd loss of the season, and this one burns the most. Oh how the might have fallen.  No more National Championship talks for the Trojans, the first time in 5 years.   Not only will the Trojans not appear in the title game but they also won’t be in the Rose Bowl either.  With a 3-2 conference records and a 6-2 overall record, a lot of things have to go right for the Trojans to even be able to tailgate at the Rose Bowl, let alone be play in it.  With a poor running and passing game, the Trojans have A LOT of retooling to do to compete next season. Their quarterback play is their biggest question mark and needs to be answered before they can get back to the top.  But for know, time to put the Trojans to rest, it’s time for a new king in the Pac-10, Hail to the Ducks? (I don’t know, just doesn’t sound right). It’s a sad day in collegiate sports today…

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