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Introducing Next Superstar PF: AL JEFFERSON

onthebuzzer.com al jeffersononthebuzzer.com al jeffersonA lot of casual NBA fans don’t know who I’m talking about, but let me introduce you to Minnesota Timberwolves’ power forward AL JEFFERSON.  This guy is a stud. He is the reason why the Wolves let go of KG.  At 6-10, 256 lbs, he averaged 16 points, 11 rebounds per game last year with the Boston Celtics.  Now that he’s with the Wolves, look for those #s to skyrocket.  Jefferson is the 1st option/go to guy on this team.  He also plays the Center position for all you fantasy basketball buffs.  He just dropped 27 points and 17 rebounds in a preseason games against the Pacers.  Sure it’s the Pacers, but it’s worth something.  Watch out league, this guy is the next Dwight Howard. And guess what, I got ’em both on my fantasy league. Can somebody say 1st place…

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Week 8 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Michigan State at (1) Ohio State – Well, I was right. It was a test for the Buckeyes. Not looking like a number 1 team, they hold off State and barely squeak one out. 24-17 Ohio State… got it wrong.
2- (4) Oklahoma at Iowa State – I told you! 29 points on the road is ridiculous! What I also told you was go ahead and take the Sooners to cover. Sorry. 17-7 Oklahoma… got it wrong.
3- Texas Tech at (13) Missouripadlock3.jpg – I know… I know… I am a genius. Bye, bye top 25 for Tech. Hello blow out for Missouri. Lock of the week coming through again! This is getting too easy. 41-10 Missouri… nailed it!
4- (9) USC at Notre Dame – Dare I say look out! Sanchez looking Dirtier than ever and the Trojans looking like their old selves. I know it was the Irish, but when you lose to Stanford, any blow out win is impressive. I must admit, didn’t think it would be that easy. 38-0 USC… got it wrong.
5- (5) Oregon at Washington – Close for a while, but too bad the Huskies defense  was pathetic! Oregon ran at will and Washington couldn’t stop them with 15 guys on defense. 55-34 Oregon… got it wrong.
6- (23) Auburn at (3) LSU – Once again the Tigers let me down. I knew they would win, but they didn’t quite win by enough. 30-24 LSU… got it wrong.
7- (9) Florida at (14) Kentucky – Gators coming through with another tough SEC game. Tebow and the gang looking good. 45-37 Florida… nailed it!
8- (19) Michigan at Illinois – Don’t call it a comeback! How much do you think Carr and the gang would pay to play Appalachian State again? Looking good on the road.  27-17 Michigan… nailed it!
9- Vanderbilt at (15) South Carolina – Are you kidding me. At home and you only score 6 points!? What was I thinking? They were up against that CRAZY Vanderbilt defense! 17-6 Vanderbilt… got it wrong.
10-Mississippi State
at (6) West Virginia – Just barely covered. I knew it would be close, but not close enough. 38-13 West Virginia… got it wrong.

 Recap:  Hold on, hold on… Before you guys go and call me a genius and a guru for nailing my lock of the week again, let me just say I need to do better than 30%. A man of my caliber should go better than 3-7. Next week is the week baby!!!!!

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Dear Pete Carroll;

onthebuzzer.com sc crewThat’s us 2 years ago at Cal. Yeah, we waxed the Golden Bears then. We were sooo happy, sooo innocent. Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Matt Leinart. Pounding every opponent in sight. Good times, good times. You spoiled us. How times have changed. Now we’ve lost to Stanford and are in the midst of a good old fashion quarterback controversy. Booty or Sanchez? Sanchez or Booty? You heart tells you Sanchez, but you feel bad for Booty. Let me tell you what us, that’s right US, Trojans fans think. Over the past 2 weeks, the Trojans have looked like they’ve improved, they look like a different team. You’ve given us a reason to wipe the tears away, a ray of sunshine in a sky of uncertainty. They’ve given us fans hope that they can run the table and take down Cal, Az State and Oregon. Sure it might be farfetched, but we’re blind and we need you to lead us. Shutting down Notre Dame 38-0 was sweet, and I’ve never seen the defense play that well this year. I’m not dissing Booty, we know what he’s done for the organization. He had his chance and now it’s time for a change. Injured finger, healed finger, just give him the finger. No one is entitled to start, remember? YOU GOTTA EARN IT BABY!!! Booty lost his job, the injured finger is just an excuse for the reporters. We want SC to succeed. It’s all we have here in Southern California. The fans, the team and the city have rallied around Sanchez. We have rallied around Sanchez. Don’t succumb to the pressures of the job, START SANCHEZ. We’ll take the fall if they lose in Oregon this week. We won’t blame you, Sanchez or the team. We’re hurting, we’ve been wounded and we are vulnerable right now. Heal us dammit!!! Remember WE ARE SC! WE ARE SC! WE ARE SC! We know you’ll do the right thing. You haven’t failed us yet.

Very Truly Yours,


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senators.jpgWith an impressive 8 win – 1 loss start to the NHL season, the Ottawa Senators are making a strong case that they very well might be the best team in the league. The have jumped into first place in the Northeast Division, already leading the second place Boston Bruins by 6 points. Dany Heatley leads the team with 7 goals, while Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson continue their strong play. Spezza leads the team with 11 assists and Alfredsson leads the team in shots with 36. Martin Gerber has been fantastic between the pipes, leading them with 6 wins and a very impressive 0.936 save percentage. Hold on though Sens fans… haven’t we seen this before? A great regular season, only to be overshadowed by a bad post season? I don’t know about you guys, but unless they bring home the Stanley Cup, it will be considered another year of underachieving and one more year of disappointment for the fans.

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Penn State Star Charged With Rape

autinscott.jpg“I went to bed with a clear conscience and woke up the next day, my life was in a shambles.” Those were the words of Austin Scott, Penn State’s starting tailback, a day before a Centre County judge imposed a gag order in the rape trial. Scott faces trial on charges of rape, sexual assault, indecent assault and simple assault in Philadelphia. The charges come from allegations he attacked a Penn State student who went home with him in the early morning hours of Oct. 5.  The team’s star isn’t happy with his treatment from coach Joe Paterno either. He says Paterno has yet to hear his side of the story, and frankly, he doesn’t seem interested. Apparently, JoPa doesn’t like his players out drinking late to begin with. Whether he plays again for Penn State and Paterno still remains to be seen, but from the looks of things, the 22 year old has more to worry about than just his football career.

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Chargers In Limbo!

chargers.jpgWith the fires in Southern California still hot and heavy, the City of San Diego was left with no choice but to use Qualcomm Stadium as an evacuation center. After canceling practice and spending most of Monday taking qualcom.jpgcare of their families and trying to find out if their homes survived the wildfires, the Chargers on Tuesday were preparing to fly to Phoenix to practice at the Arizona Cardinals’ suburban headquarters. They will be there until Friday, when and where they play their game scheduled for Sunday has yet to be determined. So far, over 500,000 people have fled their homes and that number is increasing by the second. Many have lost their homes and others are just looking for safe shelter. It’s a scary time in SoCal. Onthebuzzer’s thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this disaster…

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