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joe torre and george steinbrenner onthebuzzer.comGeorge Steinbrenner has spoken: “His job is on the line. I think we’re paying him a lot of money. He’s the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don’t think we’d take him back i we don’t win this series.” Now I’m all for the firing of Joe Torre, and they might as well throw in Brian Cashman as well. The Yankees have fallen short of league and fan expectations every year for god knows how long. But I’m not down with calling out Torre in public. The comment did not need to be said through the media. If Steiny thinks that this i gonna jump start the Yanks and win 3 in a row, I got 3 words for you, well actually 2 initials and 1 word C.C. SABATHIA. I head the Pirates are looking for a manager.

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Green Is Left Feeling Green

trent-green.jpgIn what has become an all too familiar sight, Trent Green was carted off the field today after accidentally being kneed in the head by Houston Texan lineman. Green had gone down to block and as a result spent more than 6 minutes on the field trying to gather his senses until he was finally carted off. To make matters worse, the Dolphins lost again, thanks to a career day by the Texan’s Kris Brown, who kicked 5 field goals, including a 57 yard game winner with a second remaining. Miami falls to 0-5 and the status of Green’s injury remains unknown.

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Week 6 College Picks-Results

top25.jpg1- Stanford at (2) USC – Remember when I said this is one of those games I rather not touch? Now you know why. Pathetic performance by the Trojans, especially the ‘Heisman Hopeful’ Booty. 4 interceptions and a bunch of terrible passes. SC may not even belong in the top 10 after their last two performances. 24-23 Stanford… got it wrong.
2- (9) Florida at (1) LSU – Well, I said LSU would squeak it out and that’s exactly what they did. Good performance by the Gators in a hostile environment, but not good enough. LSU didn’t quite cover. 28-24 LSU… got it wrong.
3- (4) Ohio State at (23) Purdue – Buck Eyes showing more and more each week that they belong in the top 5. Strong effort on the road against a lethargic Purdue team. 23-7 Ohio State… got it wrong.
4- Kansas at (24) Kansas State – What the heck is going on here? Another top 25 team goes down to an unranked opponent. 30-24 Kansas… got it wrong.
5- (17) Virginia Tech at (22) Clemson – My hot streak continues. Va Tech with an impressive performance on the road. Just when you thought they were down, they pound Clemson by 18. And it wasn’t even that close. 41-23 Virginia Tech… got it wrong.
6- (10) Oklahoma at (19) Texas – There is no doubt the Sooners are the better team and I was right! Except they didn’t cover. The freshman quarterback is for real. 28-21 Oklahoma… got it wrong.
7- (6) South Florida at FAU – I knew the Bulls would be victorious and I was sure they would cover. Guess I was wrong again. Looked good at times, but should have beaten a week FAU team by more than just 12. 35-23 S. Florida… got it wrong.
8- (25) Nebraska at (17) Missouri – I kind of wish I had gotten this one wrong as well. I think it’s far more impressive going 0-10, than 1-9. But I was right. Nebraska does suck and their true colors came out on the road in Missouri. Tigers crush the Cornhuskers! 41-6 Missouri… nailed it!
9- (5) Wisconsin at Illinois – Kudos to Illinois. They prove they belong in the top 25 by beating a sound Wisconsin team. Just barely squeaking it out, Wisconsin gave them a run in the second half, but just fell short. 31-26 Illinois… got it wrong.
Notre Dame at UCLApadlock.jpg Quite possibly the most inconsistent team in the last 4 years, the Bruins stunk up the Rose Bowl and embarrassed all their fans by becoming the first team to lose to one of the worst team in Notre Dame history. What was that? Not a good weekend for the SoCal college teams. 20-6 Notre Dame… got it wrong.

Recap: OK… 1-9 sucks, but this is quite possibly the weirdest college football season in a long time. How many top 25 teams are going to continue to go down? Tune in next week…

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Stephen Jackson: Thug Life

captain stephen jackson onthebuzzer.comLet’s see: (gun waving strip club incident) + (fan brawling stand incident resulting in a very long suspension) = name player team captain. That’s what the Golden State Warriors decided to do. Now I know that Stephen Jackson had a stud playoff series last year but the only place Jackson will lead this team is to the big house, and I ain’t talking about Michigan. They’re probably thinking, let’s give this guy some responsibility so that he can step up and mature. Too much of a gamble in my opinion. How about waiting for say… another year if he can continue his “boy scout” behavior and then shower him with accolades. Just a thought. Can we blame Stepho if they don’t make the playoffs?

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Sorry Bartman…

Bartman onthebuzzer.comJust when Steve Bartman thought he could get the monkey off his back, his beloved Chicago Cubs get swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I’m not blaming this loss on you buddy, nor am I blaming the last one when you stole the ball from Moses Alou. Quick recap: look at all the others reaching (photo to the left) – now look and see how Alou never had a chance. Back to my article and the series, I blame the Cubs, their curse, and their overpaid, choked out players that can’t put together a clutch hit. I’m sure the whacko Cub fanatics will find a way to blame you, but it’s not your fault. And if the Cubs successfully get A-Rod from the Yanks next year,steve bartman catch onthebuzzer don’t expect things to get better. A-Rod is Mr. Regular Season but has not stepped up in the post-season yet, including this year. The Yankees are about to be bounced out by the Cleveland Indians and their blue-collar team. I just wish that the Cubs would win only so the city could stop blaming this poor soul who has given his life, and probably some blood, for the Cubs. We got room for you in LA buddy, over here, people don’t care about sports past the 3 inning, 3rd quarter, or until teams make playoffs. We’ve forgiven Kobe for adultery, James Worthy for solicitation, and Todd Marinovich for his stint with the white horse. You don’t even have to change your team affiliation, fair weather fans are accepted in beautiful sunny California…

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Here’s another post from our friend Scottishkingpin:

just watched the video again and coulden’t help but notice u said that florida beating LSU was a lock and u would pay 50 cents on the doller.. i guess its ood i didnt bet. “

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UCLA Hands First Win To The Irish

uclaIt was a bad day all around for college football in Los Angeles. First USC loses at home to Stanford, then UCLA loses to the 0-5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I don’t know which loss is more pathetic? UCLA quarterback Ben Olson was knocked out of the game early, so walk on red-shirt freshman, Mcleod Bethel-Thompson was forced into action. What the hell is a Mcleod Bethel-Thompson? That sounds more like a synagogue than a football player. Needless to say he didn’t fare all that well and Notre Dame won the game 20-6, avoiding tying their longest losing streak in school history. Charlie Weis can breath a sigh of relief, not that his job was in jeopardy after signing a ten year extension. I guess he earned his money tonight. UCLA must go back to the drawing board, again, and figure out what to do A. about their starting quarterback position if Olson is out for and extended period of time, and B. about their football program in general that can’t string together decisive victories and is contstantly competing with USC across town. I guess for UCLA it makes the season worthwhile if they beat their crosstown rivals. The Bruins showed today that they are still a ways away from playing with the elite teams in college football if they can’t even beat the worst teams in the country.

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John Is Booty

sad hot sc girl onthebuzzer.comBefore the college football season began, John David Booty was considered a Heisman Trophy front runner. He has done everything this season to show that he is not worthy. The mighty USC Trojans lost at home to the Stanford Cardinal. The same Stanford that was a 40 point underdog. The same Stanford that was shut out by the Trojans in Palo Alto last year. The same Stanford that is coached by Jim Harbaugh, who tried to stir the pot in the off season by throwing some jabs in the direction of USC. Everything was stacked against the Cardinal, but then turnover after turnover finally caught up with the Trojans and their 35 game home win streak came to an end. Also coming to an end are the national title hopes for USC. It’s going to take a lot for the Trojans to get back into the title picture, but it is possible. They need to first and foremost run the table the rest of the way. Second of all, they need LSU and the rest of the top five to lose a game or two. As I type this LSU just beat Florida to solidify their standing as number one in the nation. It has been a brilliant run by the Trojans, but it seems like they may have been the product of the hype machine. For some reason, this team didn’t have the same aura of invincibility around them as the previous SC teams did. There is no joy in southern Cal tonight. Now the question is who steps into the title picture with LSU and do the On The Buzzer guys still make their trip up north to watch USC play Cal? Stay tuned.

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Mikey, He’s Got HART

Michigan’s new career rushing leader Mike Hart blasted the Eastern Michigan Eagles for 215 yds and 3 tds. QB  still Michigan Logo onthebuzzer.comdoesn’t look comfortable, throwing 2 picks and 1 td.  On the bright side, even with the Wolverines’ horrible start, they still have a shot at winning the Big Ten Championship. They have a couple of tough games left, including  #23 Purdue, at #5 Wisconsin, and #4 Ohio State.  If they want to run the table, they need their preseason heisman candidate QB to live up to the hype.  If not, they’ll be playing at the McDonalds Bowl in South Dakota or something… But for the time being, looks like Lloyd Carr might be able to salvage his job.

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