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Tell Jonathan Papelbon to stop pumping his fist its almost as classless as throwing at Vladimir Guerrero and knocking him out of the game.  Tell Manny Ramirez to not marvel at his homer and just trot the bases like he’s supposed to do.  fan interference at fenwayTell that STUPID fan DANNY VINIK to not interfere in the game, and those other morons that asked for his autograph. As for the Angels, Francisco Rodriguez is GARBAGE.  Every time he pitches, we (yes we Angel fans) start sweating.  Dominant, shmominant.  The Angels looked like scared little girls up there.  Without Vladimir, the team looks like a high school baseball squad.  Who the hell are these guys that Arty “Big Spender” Moreno and co. are putting together.  This is an embarrassment to all Angel fans and the Angel franchise.  I’d rather have Tim Salmon up to bat then 99% of the Angels.  They better get A-Rod next year, that’s all I’m saying.  F@#$!!!

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Pirates Look for Goat, Fire Jim Tracy

Jim Tracy onthebuzzer.comDo the Pittsburgh Pirates think that Jim Tracy was the cause of their heinous season? That’s impossible.  How about blaming the players, like Jason Bay, Adam Laroche and the other group of minor leaguers they call pros.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are a bunch of bums who haven’t put together a winning season in 15 years.  I’m not saying Jim Tracy is the Pat Riley of MLB, but they knew what they were getting when they signed this guy: an emotionless, tame girl.  How about trying to mix up the team, trade away some junky talent and try to add some big name players.  The city of Pittsburgh deserves better. With Sid the Kid and a perennial superbowl contender, how about some love.

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Jazz Reload AK-47

Andrei Kirilenko onthebuzzer.comLooks like the Utah Jazz have woken up and made amends with their superstar Andrei Kirilenko. Looks like all AK is asking for is some compliments, along with the tough love of head coach Jerry Sloan. I’m not a fan of coddling players. These athletes are multi-million dollar babies with precious egos. With that said, after Utah’s playoff run last year, I do think that it’s time for Sloan to go. SLOAN MUST GO! SLOANMasha Lopatova onthebuzzer.com MUST GO! SLOAN MUST GO! He’s been there since the Stockton-Malone-Hornacek era (that’s right, give Horny some love too). But now the Jazz are a totally different type of team, with superstar in the making Deron Williams plus Boozer, Mehmet, and AK, this team is ready for the next step, championship contention. I’m just not certain Sloany is the guy to do it, but then again, I’m just a geeky blogger. Too bad for the Lakers though, their only hope of adding some quality talent just went down the drain. I heard some of the Lakers wanted his wife to talk to their wives and preach her “1 free groupie a year rule.” Imagine a city with Posh Beckham and Masha-oh geez…

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Tampa: Garcia – managing but not winning for fantasy No Cadillac, pittman graham combo hard to figure who will get the score
Indy: If they’re health, play’em. Look out for injuries to Addai and Harrison.

Baltimore: McNair is a solid play, Mcgahee piling up yds, but has hit paydirt only once. I expect at least another TD from this guy. Don’t overlook Mason, quietly doing it.
SF: Gore’s the only play, don’t even think about Dilfer.

SD: LT and Gates should start every week, the River ain’t flowing.
Denver: If Henry plays, then he’s good for a td and about 80 yds. Remember, Javon Walker is out for Sunday, wr Brandon Marshall stepping up big.

Chicago: Next
GB: Who would’ve thunk it, Favre is the man, too many RBs to choose from, Driver is definitely a go.

Dallas: Oh YEAH!!!
Buffalo: stay tune for our Sunday night recap.

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Miami: The only person worth playing rb Ronnie Brown who’s been on a tear lately, Houston run D sucks
Houston: Expect big game from Shaub, Green/Dayne is a tossup; wr A. Johnson doubtful

Jacksonville: noone on this team worth playing
KC: LJ ready to break out, rookie wr Dwayne Bowe solid play

Cleveland: facing Pats in N.E. England, if you have someone else, play ’em
Patriots: All systems go!!!

Carolina: If Carr plays, might be a sleeper pick against week N.O. secondary, Steve Smith won’t go 2 weeks without a td
N.O.: Give Brees 1 more chance, Panther D is struggling. Saints comin’ off bye week, might have fixed thei problems, look for Bush to break out

Giants: Expect a Peyton game from Eli and co. I expect Plax to continue his tear, don’t believe the injury hype.

Seattle: starting to gel, Hassleback, Alexander and Branch lookin’ good against an overrated Pitt D.
Pitt: Big Ben and Parker are alway a go at home, Ward injured, Santonio should get all the looks.

Cardinals: Lienart/Warner? Who’s gonna start, if you know then play him. Expect a huge game from Edge and Fitz and Anquan should do what the ‘boys did to them last week.
Rams: I wouldn’t start Frerotte, but don’t be surprised if he hooks up with Holt at least once for paydirt.

Falcons: Harrington looking good as of late, but still noone on this team that deserves a starting job.
Titans: Vince will get 2 tds, Lendale/Brown, one will get a score but we don’t know who.

Detroit: John Kitna averagin over 300 yds, 2 tds per game Kevin Jones, now stealing carries from Tatum. Roy is a go and CJ is injured.
Washington: Portis injured, forget about it.

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Cleveland Indians Swat Yankees in 11

Posada Disinfects RiveraAfter 11 grueling, gnat infested innings, the Cleveland Indians have protected their homefield advantage and now head to New York up 2-0. Both pitchers Fausto Carmona and Andy Pettite showed up big, with 1 earned run in 15 1/2 total innings between the 2 of them. But at the end, Travis PRONKEY Hafner proved to be too much for them.  The professional hitter deluxe came up to bat with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the 11 and…base hit single over the 2nd baseman’s head.  Thanks for coming bombers, enjoy the flight home.

By the way, I’m officially starting the Kenny Lofton for ALDS MVP campaign.

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