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The Clipper Stopper

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Los Angeles Clippers… On Thursday, 8/30, the Clippers signed the one and only self-proclaimed Kobe stopper, (drumroll please) Ruben Patterson. Why or Why??? First Shaun Livingston goes down (which some might consider a plus), and then Elton Brand for the most part of next season. What does Elgin Baylor do to remedy the situation; “fill” the position with a talentless, registered sex offender who can’t shoot or dribble but has limited Kobe to an avg. of 30 points during each of their head to head contests. After careful review, I figured out the logic to this madness; Baylor’s trying to outdo Kupchak and earn the title of worse GM in the league.

The Clippers are headed down a familiar path and someone needs to flip a bitch quick. They’ve already made a long term committment to Kaman, whose 10.1 ppg and 7.8 rpg are worth every penny of that 5-year, $52.5 million contract extension. The loss of Livingston, his 6’7, 182 lbs overrated frame and an aging Cassell leaves them without a true PG. How the “Rube” fits into the puzzle is mindboggling to me. Add that to the Clippers’ other additions as of late (i.e. Aaron Williams, Tim Thomas, Cat Mobley), I’m reminded of the Clippers of old. The good old days, worse records in the league and disappointing #1 draft picks. AHHHHHHH, I miss you Lorenzen Wright, Mo’ Taylor, Olowokandi, and Darius Miles. I feel a sense of nostalgia and find myself holding back tears, I mean, wait a minute, there’s something in my eye, I gotta go..

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  1. I believe that Patterson can help in the team’s defense. One of their key problem whenever they face the team of Lakers is Kobe. Ruben is capable of defending point guard up to the power forward. For me that is enough help for the Clippers.

    Los Angeles Clippers Fan forever

    Comment by clippersfanboy | December 28, 2007 | Reply

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