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Tiger Chimes In

It seems that Tiger Woods has a pulse off the golf course. Sort of. Tiger weighed in on America’s favorite topic of late, Michael Vick and dogfighting. When asked what Woods thought of Vick and his apology, Tiger, bland as always said “that if you made that big of a mistake, you got to come out and be contrite.” Okay, so Vick needs to be sincere, we got that part. I’m just shocked that Tiger even agreed to answer such a hot topic question. He didn’t really give an opinion either way on the matter, and admitted that he wasn’t “very good at this.” What happens to an athlete when they transcend the sport they play in? Some of the biggest sports stars of our generation, are also the most boring, vanilla characters off the field. Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, the list is endless. I’ve seen soccer moms with more fire than some of these athletes. Are all these superstars that afraid of losing endorsements that they will stay away from anything that is remotely controversial. Will we stop cheering for Tom Brady if we find out he is a Republican? No one loved Micheal Jordan any less when they found out his shoes were made by 8 year old children in third world countries. I would like my athletes to have a mind of their own and put an intelligent, coherent sentence together once in a while. I’m not asking them to split the atom, but weigh in on topics that are relevent. Charles Barkley was wrong, and athletes are role models for children, and our children need to be able to do more than put a ball through a hoop. I’m not talking about making it rain in a strip club, but show that you have some balls and speak your mind. We won’t love you any less as long as you keep on putting up big numbers. When that stops, then you have a real problem. So congrats to Tiger for attempting to show he has a pulse, but I still don’t know Tiger, are you pro or anti dogfighting?

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