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AL Home Stretch

ATTENTION ALL FAIRWEATHER FANS: Baseball might be getting interesting again. Several key matchups slated for this week will keep viewers glued to the TV.


Showdown in the Bronx. Just when you thought the Yanks were gonna make a move in the standings they get lit up by the Angels and Detroit and now they’re 8 games out of first. Even if they sweep the Sox this week (which is highly unlikely), they’ll still be 6 games out which at this point of the season, with a lineup of tired, overpaid veterans is a recipe for disaster. Did someone see Joe Torre at the unempoyment line? AL East Champs: RED SOX


The Halos stole game 1 at Safeco on Monday as the Big Texan John Lackey proved why he is one of the top pitchers in the league. Tonight we have ex-Angel Jeff Weaver against Ervin “wish he was an ex-Angel” Santana. Did someone say “gimme $20 on the over?” Wednesday’s matchup of the better Weaver and King Felix should be a good one. AL West Champs: ANGELS.

AL Central

WHO CARES??? Cleveland is up 2.5 in the Central over Detroit who is hot their heals. Detroit just took 3 of 4 from the Yanks while Cleveland is busy manhandling the Twins (thank god the Twins won’t be wasting a playoff spot this year). Does anyone outside of Cleveland and Detroit even care about these 2 teams? The Angels or the Red Sox are going to be representing the AL in the World Series anyway. The good news for Detroit fans is that the NBA and NFL are right around the corner, on second thought, GO SHOCK!!! As for Cleveland, HAIL King James…

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